Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Le Rouge et le Noir

Le Rouge et le Noir ca. 1830 (The Red and the Black) is a novel by Stendhal recording a man's attempt to rise beyond his common background with a combination of talent and hard work, deception and hypocrisy.

Red Tea in East Asia is commonly called Black Tea in South Asia and Europe. This image is a metaphor for our attempt to create teas that rises beyond the common by a combination of talent, hard work and imbibing the deep knowledge of teas in Japan and Taiwan and discarding the "Not Invented Here" attitude.

Unlike Stendhal's novel there is no deception or hypocrisy in this Le Rouge et le Noir! Only lots of gratitude towards our 先生 (teachers) and this post is dedicated to them.


  1. You always take the most beautiful photos!

  2. Hey Z,
    I only post what I think are my best photos! If you saw the remaining you would withhold that comment!!

    The is the advantage and the disadvantage of a digital photography. You can take a million photos and with 1% luck you get some amazing diamonds amongst the rough stones. On the other hand you get all the bad photos that you hate to delete and destroy because there is some charming memory attached to them.

    Back to your base?

  3. Yep, on Wednesday. And while it's true bad digipics can be easily wiped out of existence, I don't think you'd take that many. I don't know, maybe it's the colour of your blog template but your pictures all strike me as being very beautiful in an understated way. Altogether superbly elegant and classy.

  4. Hey thanks! It is comments likes yours that keeps me going.

    I am back from photogenic Japan. I just noticed in your blog that you were relieved to be back home. I on the other hand come back to a stressful work environment after the decompression in Japan!