Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Art of Food

Can art be food? Or food be art? Japanese have made presentation of food into fine art. Here some visually stunning presentation of food encountered in Japan recently is shown: parts of a Kaiseki meal (nimono and reiten oroshi soba) in the top two images; the third image is Japanese green tea and the last two images are of desserts in Japanese and western style. All very artistically done.

The question is, can one eat art? Won't it be a sacrilege to eat these artistic creations? Can one eat them without destroying them?


  1. Techonology "preserves" everything these days so that's probably why food's gone artsy! Absolutely beautiful photography again.

  2. The top two images are definitely fresh having been prepared in front of you. The bottom two images of desserts are, I suppose, by their very nature, preserved. Tea is prepared in front of you.

    My point is in this part of the world, South Asia, I really have not see good presentation of food despite the tradition of great hotels and good hotel and hospitality schools where the students are continuously drilled the hackneyed, "You eat 50% with your eyes".

    We seem to continuously fail in our meticulousness and attention to detail. We have not yet imbibed the self evident truth that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well; if something is worth doing well, it is worth doing it perfectly.