Friday, December 10, 2010

Zen Vanity

Perfect calm and solitude of a Zen garden ( 枯山水 Karesansui) at Ryogin-an in Tofuku-ji temple complex, Kyoto. Garden of Vanity and its simple design with colourful autumn leaves in the background.


  1. I also like the garden at Ryoan-ji in kyoto!
    I feel relaxed and can get back a balanced mind.

  2. After the human traffic jam at Tofuku-ji it was really peaceful at Ryogin-an. It calmed the soul: much like drinking a cup of nice tea.

  3. I've been in Kyoto a long time ago, I loved. It was a completely surprise for me. I saw some wonderful gardens it is a real zen place and a ate a very nice pasta there too.