Sunday, January 30, 2011

Food Photography

I got a quick and free lesson in food photography in a tea salon in Kyoto. Unfortunately while traveling on business it is not possible to carry all the paraphernalia like tripods so I make do with my hands and natural lighting.


  1. Interesting. I only recently realised how crucial lighting is in photography. Not that I've experimented yet with any of it but it's changed the way I look at and assess a good photograph.

  2. I too am still learning. Actually with fully automatic cameras one does not learn much. Sometimes I miss my old manual cameras and playing around with speed, F numbers and hyper focal distances.

  3. Today's DSLR have a function/preset to take pictures of food and it seems the output is very good...without using too much lighting. But tripod is a must if you are shooting with natural light. The main thing here is creativity on taking shots.