Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yum cha 飲茶, Hong Kong

Yum Cha (飲茶) is a Cantonese word meaning "drink tea". It involves drinking Chinese tea and eating dim sum ((點心). Some of the Yum Cha restaurants in Hong Kong are huge and invariably full of people. So arriving really early is an advantage as can be seen in the bottom picture.

Dim sum is just a wide range of small dishes. Yum cha is the entire dining experience. Perhaps the most famous dish is the Har Gau (蝦餃) or the shrimp dumpling (second last image). Yum Cha or "Drink Tea" but also eat a lot! A must do thing in Hong Kong but advise you to go with a local resident.


  1. Looks yum. But how come your pictures only have food that's served in teeny tiny portions? Don't you ever go to lower-end eating places where they serve as-much-as-you-can-eat?

  2. The thing is I love teeny tiny portions. I prefer my food to be visually pleasing. That really fills me up and has the effect of keeping my weight down!!

    If you are doing Yum Cha, it is necessary to have tiny portions because there are hundreds of different dishes that you can order. You really don't want to fill yourself up with only a few items. You want to try as many as possible.

    Lower end place where I can eat as much as possible? That's home! Mom will kill me if she reads this.

  3. Ah... oishisou...