Friday, November 11, 2011

Tea Youngling

In Star Wars series a Youngling is a young child who is Jedi in training, learning to control the force. Here is a remote nursery in the jungle naturally protected by trees and man made shades, Tea Younglings are brought up.

After a year or two they will be planted in the garden. Like a Jedi Youngling who becomes a Padawan and then a Jedi Knight before becoming a Jedi Master, these Younglings will go through various stages of pruning, cutting, skiffing, center outs and so on and so forth to finally give us good teas. In perhaps 8 to 10 years.

Then those who drink this tea will truly overcome the Dark Side!


  1. Someone's a big Star Trek fan, I see! :) What's the percentage of younglings not succumbing to the trauma of being transplanted? I once tried seeding flowers but my success rate at replanting them was so low, I gave up and now simply buy slightly more mature seedlings.

  2. Yes! I am definitely a Star Wars and Star Trek fan. More a fan of the former actually. I love cosmos related Sci Fi!

    At least 30% of our younglings do not make it to maturity. All these younglings are from cuttings from mother bushes. They are called clones as they are produced asexually. I wish we had more seed plants. Having being produced sexually they are more hardy and resilient as their roots go deeper. Some even say they make better teas. I also feel the same.

    In this case, and without hesitation or embarrassment in the slightest, I can say, sex is great!

  3. Lol that's a good one. But what exactly do you mean they're sexually produced?

  4. Well tea seeds arise because the mix of the genes from two different tea plants. That is pollen from one plant has fertilised the other resulting in the production of seed(s). That is sexually produced tea seeds and plants and the opposite of cuttings which are asexual propagation of the tea plants.