Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fruit Of The Sea & Land

Invariably I get to eat sashimi and sushi at Sushiya Tachibana in Nippori/Yanaka/Sendagi. I can never figure out where it is because it is usually dark by the time I am taken there by my friends /customers.

After dinner I always end up taking the Chiyoda Line from Sendagi metro station 千駄木駅 which is almost directly opposite Tachibana. However I always arrive at Nippori 日暮里駅 by train and walk past Yanaka 谷中 neighbourhood to reach Sushiya Tachibana.

Even in the darkness it is clear that Yanaka has retained the traditional charm and warmth of the past with many small traditional buildings. Next time I am going to take time off to visit this area to experience a bit of the vibrancy of the Edo period that made Edo the greatest city in the world for good many years.

Image: master chef at Sushiya Tachibana expertly rolls rice and seafood into one delectable sushi.


  1. I used to live in Sendagi.
    Neko ga ippai in yanaka...!

  2. Chugoku neko........本当に?I hope soon in Japan. I will watch the neko in Yanaka and remember you.