Sunday, January 1, 2012

あの頃へ To That Time

雪が降る 遠いふるさと
なつかしい 涙になれ
Home so far away where the snow falls
Becomes the tears of memory
春を待つ 想いは誰を
幸せに できるだろう
The waiting for spring
Would make anyone happy
あの空は あの風は
いまも胸に 限りなく
That sky, that wind
Everlasting in my heart
あたたかい あの頃へ
君をいつか つれて行けたら
That warm feeling back then
How I wish I could take you there some day

Anzen Chitai 安全地帯 / Koji Tamaki 玉置 浩二 "Ano Koro-e" ca. 1985

This beautiful song has that special and deep sensitivity that is the essence of Japanese culture. "Mono no aware" 物の哀れ is the awareness of impermanence of love, life things and time; and the gentle sadness at their passing. It is this awareness of transience that makes something more beautiful.

Image: Dawn and 2012 breaks over the Himalaya in east Nepal evoking wonderful memories of the life, love and times gone by. How I wish I could take you there some day. あたたかい あの頃へ君をいつか つれて行けたら

街の灯が 瞳に灯る
神様の 願いを見た
Town light lit in your eyes
I saw the wish of God
夢だけで 終わらないこと
あといくつ あるのだろう
How many things are left
That doesn't end in just a dream
あの星は あの雲は
いつも愛を 見つめてた
That star, that cloud
Always gazing at love
美しい あの頃へ
君をいつか つれて行けたら
Beautiful days back then
How I wish I could take you there some day
To that time....

やさしさも さみしさも
いつも愛を 知っていた
As for tenderness and as for loneliness
I always knew love
あたたかい あの頃へ
君をいつか つれて行きたい
When there was warmth
I want to take you there some day
To that time .....

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