Thursday, January 5, 2012

Undressed in Shibuya

I love tofu not only because it is healthy but because of its pure, ascetical taste and soft texture. When something so spartan and elementary is presented so simply yet exquisitely and invitingly, as in these photographs, it arouses the taste buds and heightens expectation. Undressing this tofu in izakaya Nana, Shibuya revealed a delectable, creamy white tofu that soon melted in one's oral cavity ensuing in a climax of Epicurean delight.

Image: Tofu at Nana (菜な ?), Shibuya.


  1. Gotta confess that I haven't the least idea what tofu is, and I won't google it right away. Is it something like cheese?

  2. "Cheese" made from the "milk" of soya beans. Basically coagulated soya milk. It is low on fats and calories but high in proteins and iron. We do get tofu here and it is a regular part of our diet but the taste and the quality leaves much to be desired. Specially since I have eaten some very good stuff in places like Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is one of China's great gifts to the world along with tea, silk and paper.