Friday, May 25, 2012

Mountain Hut

No one visits here
in my dark mountain hut
where I live alone.
But for this sweet loneliness
it would be too bleak to bear.
- Saigyō Hōshi (西行 法師) 1118 – 23 March 23 1190. Japanese poet of the late Heian and early Kamakura period.

As the temperature rises to unbearable levels before the monsoon rains, I dream of my home in the Alps where I would rather be just now. Spending hours just gazing at the green fields and  forests and soaking in the wonderful mountain view and deeply inhaling the cool, crisp mountain air.
Image: Mountain home somewhere in the Alps in Europe, summer of 2009.


  1. You have a home in the Alps? Wow

  2. Artistic license! But then home is where you are welcome at anytime and where you can stay as long as you like. Home is where you are treated kindly and you are really a member of the family.