Monday, July 23, 2012

Monsoon Fury

I guess Aitabare in Ilam district gets about 3000 mm of rain per year. Since Darjeeling gets 3124mm per year it should be similar as it is just a short hop from there to Darjeeling. We do not have a weather station at Ilam Chiyabari, Aitabare but it would be interesting to compare Aitabare with Ilam Bazar, Fikkal and Darjeeling. The micro climate in Aitabare seems to be different. While it is mostly shrouded in mist and fog during the monsoon, nearby Fikkal does not. Is it because there are more trees and forest cover and less buildings at Aitabare  than Fikkal?

Fortunately the buildings of Ilam Chiyabari are probably one of the most well constructed in the region and are well designed to cope with the rains in the summer and the cold in the winter.

Image: Monsoon rains vent their fury on Ilam Chiyabari factory at Aitabare. July 2012.

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