Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taiwan Food Culture

While Taiwan is well known for its teas, food too, as can be expected, is exceptional. To some extent this could have been the result of cooks and food masters migrating to Taiwan from all the provinces of China after the communists took over the mainland. That led to all the provinces of a giant sized country being literally squeezed into and represented in a small area creating a remarkable food culture 

Japanese cuisine is my favourite so I cannot give that a miss here! Japanese food in Taiwan is generally outstanding and delicious. Is it due to its recent Japanese heritage? Or is it perhaps because of a much longer historical maritime exchange as exemplified by the story of Zheng Chenggong / Koxinga 國姓爺.  

As can be seen here, Japanese food is presented very well and was truly a sight to behold. Tasted even better actually.

Images: At Restaurant Mitsui Cuisine, Taipei. (January 2013). 


  1. Looks beautiful, as always. But do you only eat such tiny portions? Hardly looks enough to properly feed a stomach!

  2. Well the portions were small. However the set menu had many items. So by the time I finished the final one, I was quite full. Fortunately, as with most Japanese food, I was not overfull like the way it is with oily Indian food.