Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ephemerality: Remembering Spring 2011


Yours is not a song
we hear only once in a while,
little cuckoo.
Though we listen all our lives
Your every song surprises.
- Ki no Tomonori 紀 友則  ca. .850 – ca. 904 from early Heian era 平安時代.

Beginning of March 2011 was just another month. A routine spring time. 

Whether it was early spring blossoms or ladies taking instructions at Nagoya Castle. Some days it snowed and when it did not, people enjoyed sunshine at Ginza that had been turned over to the pedestrians. Or they took advantage of the fine weather to visit Meiji Shrine before returning for tea of coffee at Omotesando. Just a normal spring time before the flowering of Sakura and the beloved and fun filled hanami 花見. 

I did the same when I had free time: went to Nishi Tama, visited Meiji shrine, enjoyed Ginza bereft of vehicles and spent time at Omotesando. And yes, I went to Nagoya to meet friends and customers.

Little did we suspect the demons under the ocean that were about to be unleashed turning an elysian spring into hell on 11 March. 

In remembrance of Tohoku  東北地方太平洋沖地震。

Images: From Nagoya and Tokyo few days before 11 March 2011

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