Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Autumn Night Thought



Night Thought

The bright moonlight
in front of the bed
appears like frost
on the ground I look up
at the Autumn moon, and
lowering my head
I think of home.

Li Bai 李白 (701-762) of Tang

It is now Mid Autumn Festival 中秋節. A time when people gaze at the moon, eat mooncakes and drink tea. It is a time of reunion and gathering of both family and crops. A time of thanksgiving for the harvest.

I like this Chinese festival for several reasons. Firstly our tea garden name is Jun Chiyabari and in Nepali Jun means moon or moonlight. So there is immediate connection. Then the other connection is with drinking tea and eating mooncakes. As a person involved with tea, what more can I say about drinking tea? Finally, last but not the least, I love autumn. Always have. I can't ask for more than a festival at the beginning of autumn with all its layers!

Image: Moonrise over Jun Chiyabari (2012) at Nigale, Hile-Dhankuta.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photo and what you wrote that I like very much. FEEL CALM and WARM.

    Moon is always there
    Just sometimes we forget to look up at it
    Or sometimes we miss it because clouds obscured it temporarily.
    Anyway, moon is one of the beauty in the world
    and we all share it.

    Pls look up at it for us tomorrow because a typhoon is coming here, hahaha