Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tea on The Tropic


Ruisui Township 瑞穗鄉 is a small rural town in Hualien County of Taiwan on the Pacific coast. Population of Ruisui probably does not exceed a few thousands. Nothing significant except that Tropic of Cancer passes right through it. Except its innovative tea farmers produce some exquisite red / black tea called Mixan Hong Cha (Honey Red Tea). One sip is enough to make you exclaim, "Wow! How can anyone produce such teas?"

Oh yes, if you get fed up of drinking sublime teas, you can always head to its wonderful dairy and drink fresh, fragrant and "udderly" delicious milk.

A real bucolic idyll to which I want to go back soon!

Top Three: Tea gardens some amidst betel nut plantations.
Middle Three: Tea farmer serves tea to customers. A happy smiley Mixian Hong Cha and the tea cultivar from which this is made. 
Bottom Two: Orchids (grows profusely in Taiwan).
March 2014

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