Thursday, August 26, 2010


Don't let the neat rows of tea bushes in Wazuka near Kyoto dazzle you. Look at the forest cover in the background. 70% of the country is under forest cover. Yet, this is a country that has one of the highest population density per square kilometer; lots of industries and urban sprawl competing for every inch of space with agriculture. So how do they do it? Perhaps the tea bushes hold the answer. When things are done so meticulously and with so much love then almost anything is possible.


  1. Yes. The person who has trained these bushes will be able to recall each shoot that he has meticulously pruned and shaped, in his minds eye.
    Lovely picture, better thoughts!

  2. Teapandya you are right! I am sure the farmer who did this will be able to recall every shoot!

    Kyoto - Uji is so well known in the tea world but neighbouring Wazuka suffers as a result! It was a nice spring day some years ago when this picture was taken. I was driving around Wazuka and suddenly this vista of tea so lovingly cared for and the forest in the background.

  3. Somehow the tea bushes look differently pruned to the way I have seen in India. And I agree - there does seem to be an element of love in it's creation! Great!

  4. The bushes in India are formed into a flat table top. The ones in Japan are rounded off.