Saturday, September 11, 2010

Holy Land

A spiritually uplifting autumn morning in the Himalaya with pristine green landscape and cool, clear, crisp mountain air. Tea grown here imbibes these qualities. Is it any wonder then drinking it calms the mind, comforts the tormented and transports body, mind and soul to a higher realm?


  1. The landscape looks very similar to my place but the well-built houses with the genteel little outdoor tea set placements are anything but.

  2. That is the village of Hile (2000m) in East Nepal. If you go up the ridge that you seen in the picture you will be greeted by the mighty mountains: Makalu 8463m and Kanchenjunga 8586m. I am afraid not all the houses in that area are as well made as this residence in the tea garden! The red roofed structure is the tea factory.

    Mizoram must be really beautiful too. Maybe one day.