Friday, March 11, 2011

Love You

Thankfully this lovely tea shop in Nagoya did not suffer much in the Great Japanese Earthquake of 11 March 2011.

So why is the title of this blogpost "Love You"? The name of the shop is L'o-vu. Now that is apparently pronounced Low Vuu. To me it looks more like Lov U. So I would rather call it Love You. That is also entirely appropriate because the two lovely persons, the owner Yasunao Iwasaki san (with glasses), and Satomi Koike (pouring one of the seven bowls of tea) who run the show have built this with much love and meticulous care. The interior is aesthetically pleasing and was love at first sight when I entered this tea shop.

I would love to be at L'o-vu to sip away endless bowls of tea.
Ah wouldn't that be loverly.....apologies to Eliza Doolittle!

Love You is also a tribute to my Japanese friends in this time of trial and tribulation. I Love You guys and girls.


  1. The family and I are safe.
    The damage of Japan is awful that outs of all knowledge.

  2. Mita Sensei, I am glad about your safety. All my friends emailed me or telephoned me that they are safe. I am horrified by this earthquake having been there just two days ago. I am still in shock so I cannot imagine how much more it must be for all of you.

    Nihon has always revived after a big crisis. You all have always responded well and I am confident that Nihon and Nihon jin will not waste this crisis. I am sure it will lead to great economic and cultural revival of Japan. I have no doubt.