Sunday, March 13, 2011


Who is the girl at the window pane, watching the rain falling down?
Melody, life isn't like the rain ; its just like a merry go round.

Melody Fair won't you comb your hair? You can be beautiful too.

Melody Fair, remember you're only a woman.
Melody Fair, remember you're only a girl. Ah..
-Bee Gees 1968-1971

A young boy flirts with girls across the window pane in Omote Sando, Tokyo. This is not really a great photograph but for some reason the scene reminded me so much of the movie "Melody" starring Mark Lester and Tracy Hyde who is featured as Melody. It was a must see cult movie for us.

This photograph was taken a few days before the giant earthquake of 11 March 2011 reminding us that such beautiful life and scenes can be devastated in an instant.

I am sure my friends in Japan must be feeling that life is like gloomy rain but bad times will pass because life is not like the rain. Be positive and beautiful and have courage and strength.

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