Monday, May 23, 2011

The Long And Winding Road

"And still they lead me back
To the long, winding road
You left me standing here
A long, long time ago
Don't leave me waiting here
Lead me to your door."
- The Long And Winding Road / The Beatles 1969

One of my favourite songs is The Long & Winding Road by The Beatles. My tea adventure is like that long and winding road in the picture and the song. Like being left alone and waiting.

Top picture is of Jun Chiyabari in June 2002 and the bottom picture is of the same scene in July 2010. Finally the tea bushes have started to mature and the area looks nice and green. We seem to be making fairly good teas as per our customers. It has really been a long hard struggle to get to this point on the long winding road.

As the poet Robert Frost wrote, "But I have promises to keep And miles to go before I sleep", so too with me. So too with us.


  1. I really like the song too.

    When the road is something we have long and winding.
    But it is a necessity.

    Looking back after listening to the wind, listening to the song of birds.
    please walk from drinking a cup of tea.

    Japan's famous sayings


  2. It's a lyrical and beautiful song.
    And your tea garden is so beautiful as well.
    Sometimes we feel like crying, but I'm sure that makes us smile tomorrow.
    In the same way as the life.

  3. 急いてはことをし損じる
    Yu-ka, everything slowly in tea culture and not only tea plants! Just like the slow melody of this song.
    Santa, thank you for your encouragement. I want to be able to smile tomorrow and at the end of my life.