Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Edo 新江戸

Edo is the former name of Tokyo. In the early 1700's it was already the biggest city in the world. At the Haneda International Airport in Tokyo one can experience the charm of Edo in a floor modeled after a typical Edo period street.

Edo period or Edo Jidai 江戸時代 lasted from 24 March 1603 till 03 May 1868 and was a period of high culture with emphasis on refined workmanship: an epoch when urban population had leisure time and the wealth to support culture. Bushido code of conduct, Kabuki theater, Haiku poetry and Ukiyo-e art flourished amongst others. Western artists like Degas and van Gogh were influenced by Ukiyo-e, the precursor to the modern manga comics.

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