Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yunoyama Onsen 湯の山温泉 Hanami


When I reached Nagoya in mid April the sakura blossoms viewing season was already over. Probably sensing my disappointment, Hotta san took me to Yunoyama Onsen (湯の山温泉) for hanami in his car, the most famous Honda Beat in Aichi. From Nagoya it is about an hour's drive in Mie prefecture. Behind the wheel of that Beat he drives like Michael Schumacher so we managed to reach it in less than an hour. Much less.

Yunoyama-onsen in Suzuka Kokutei Park has been a spa resort since the 8th century. It is located at an altitude of 300 - 320 meters at the base of Gozaisho-Dake (1210 m) along the Mitaki-gawa River.
As one climbed the hills one glimpsed an odd sukura in full bloom amongst a sea of green. As we climbed higher and higher more and more came into view. It was wonderful and pleasing to the eye and a salve to the soul. These images do not do justice to the beauty of the place. Hotta san, いつもありがとうございます。 

Images: The first sakura comes into view as one climbs towards Yunoyama. Then more and more untill the hillside is covered with them. April 2012

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  1. Honda Beat most famous for Aichi Prefecture is this.

    Nobody can regard this car as Beat.