Sunday, May 6, 2012

From Taiwan With Love

It is never easy to have been colonised or dominated by another country. However Taiwan and Japan seem to have this special love-love relationship, specially when it comes to tea. Many Japanese love to visit Taiwan and drink Taiwanese tea. Or even live with the farmers and learn how to make Taiwanese teas. 

Taiwanese on the other hand like to learn Japanese and take much interest in Japanese culture, both pop culture and the traditional. They listen and sing Japanese songs and follow the latest trends in fashion from Omotesando.

Both have modern outlook and don't have a hangover from the past. Very refreshing indeed. Just like the teas from Dong Ding or Shizuoka!

Image: Taiwanese tea bushes (四季春 / Si Ji Chun / Shikiharu and Kinsen) in Shizuoka, Japan 2012. Interestingly the tea farmer / master who owns these bushes uses Japanese tea machines and techniques to make Taiwanese style teas in Japan. Don't ask me how!

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