Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cosmos At Miho

Only by wine one's heart is lit,
only a poem calms a soul that's torn.
You'd understand me, Tao Qian.
I wish a little sooner I was born!

- Du Fu  杜甫 (712-770)

After emerging from the womb of Mother Earth and crossing the Peach Blossom Valley one is transported into the Cosmos of Dogu, Buddha and other Asian arts and sculpture at Miho Museum in Shiga Prefecture 滋賀県. 

Masterpieces from the private collection of Mihoko Koyama are housed in a beautifully designed I.M Pei's outstanding work of creative architecture. Almost the entire building is underground having been carved deep into the mountainside.

Unlike the Peach Blossom Valley 桃花源 of Tao Qian 陶潜 which was the inspiration for this museum and its setting, one can visit this Shangri-la as many times as one likes.

Images: Miho Museum Shiga Ken, Japan (November 2012)

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