Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fishy Business at Kappabashi 合羽橋

Japanese knives from Sakai 堺市 are famous worldwide for their fine quality. After all they have been at it for hundreds of years. 

Some weeks ago I really struggled trying to cut slices of Salmon from Iceland with bad knives and almost cut myself in the process. I was determined to get a pair of good knives for fish and luck would have it that I was headed to Japan soon after that fishy ordeal. 

In Tokyo you need to head to Kappabashi 合羽橋 to care of such needs. At Kamaasa I was taken care of by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. As a nice finishing touch the shop offers to put some Japanese words or a name on the blade of knife. 

As a tea person Sakai 堺市 is interesting because Sen no Rikyu 千利休 was merchant in the prosperous town of Sakai. So in purchasing Sakai knives I paid my tribute to the great tea master in a roundabout way.      

Images: knife craftsman at Kamaasa puts on a nice finishing touch to a recently bought knife. (November 2012)

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