Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Museum Tea

National Palace Museum 國立故宮博物院 in Taipei houses about 700,000 pieces of historical Chinese artifacts covering some 8000 years of Chinese history. This museum shares its roots with the Palace Museum in Beijing with the treasures being split as a result of the Chinese civil war. 

Tea lovers can see examples of various tea ware from different eras of the Chinese history.

I would recommend anyone wishing to understand a bit of Chinese culture to start here. Be careful as it is a life long journey.

On the 4th floor of the museum is the Sanxitang 三希堂 Tea House which serves really delicious teas and Chinese snacks such as dumplings and Rice Cooked In Bamboo. Usually in such restaurants and cafes it is difficult to find good teas. Fortunately I was mistaken and was really surprised by the quality of tea served. My choice was the exquisite Jin Xuan 金萱 tea. But then, teas in Taiwan, like many other things, are usually amazing.

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