Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Taiwan Seascape


As a person from the mountains, I don't get to see oceans much. So seas and oceans hold a special fascination for me. Just love the sound of the waves and the general feeling of goodness of the oceans. Not to speak of seafood!

Seascape photography particularly difficult in my opinion. How to capture its vastness yet also the details of the surf as it crashes on to the beach? Point your camera in one direction and the ocean looks dull and grey but in a slightly different direction the same ocean will look blue. Unlike mountains it is constantly moving close up yet unchanging from a distance. Till recently I did not even know that photographs of the water and surf rolling back make better photographs than the waves crashing in though the latter is more dramatic in real life.

Recently I was fortunate enough to stay a day at a beautiful bed and breakfast place, Haiwan No 32 in Hualien, Taiwan.  http://www.hw32.com/
Like most Taiwanese, the owner and staff were really friendly and nice. The view of the Pacific was quite stunning from here. Specially the sunrise. Unsurprisingly it was the perfect opportunity to practice ocean photography. I would love to go back there soon: for the hotel and its warm hospitality; for the views of the ocean; and to hone my skills in ocean photography.

Images: View of the Pacific in its various moods at Haiwan No 32, Hualien. (January 2013)


  1. I love pictures #2, 4 and 5, though as a fellow photographer, I like #4 best - all that light shade contrast thing makes it a superb shot.
    You know, I always feel really envious when I see your pictures. I don't travel much, wait, that should be don't travel at all really, so all I have are the same old scenes which gets boring. You on the other hand keep coming up with all these brilliant pictures all over the world. Keep them coming!

  2. Yes, you are right. I have been incredibly fortunate to be able to travel to so many places. An average person from Nepal would not be able to do so.

    I will try to keep "brilliant pictures", as you call them, coming. If someone like you enjoys them, I consider it a privilege and indeed a duty to share my photographs.

    Thank you for your vote of confidence.